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Covibook: A free book that tells children about Coronavirus

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The book Covibook was created by the Italian author of children’s books Manuela Molina, in order to support and reassure children around the world about the Coronavirus.

Specifically, the book is aimed at children up to 7 years old and in a very fun way through drawings and sketches helps them to understand the situation that prevails these days.

According to author Manuela Molina, the book is aimed at parents and teachers in order to inform and discuss with their children the full range of emotions arising from the current situation. It is very important to inform our children in a simple and understandable way, using the right words to make them feel safe.

As the author also points out, the Covibook book is not a science book but an educational tool, based on imagination. Author Manuela Molina urges us to print the material so that children can draw on it.

Covibook - Printing

You can read the book or print it for free by clicking ΕΔΩ

Important: You must not forget that children need to feel safe. Therefore, the best way to approach them is to speak to them honestly, in simple and understandable words.