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Educational Program – “Hug my Feelings”

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Based on Deborah Marcereau’s book “Out of the Jar”, we discover, recognize, and learn how to manage “great feelings” while having fun. Through theatrical plays, experiential activities, and discussion, we explore the magical world of emotions, face and “embrace” the emotions that make it difficult for us (fear, sadness, anger, etc.) and learn easy ways to accept them and we control them, without affecting either our own lives or those around us. By the end of the program all children will have developed basic life skills around emotions and empathy and will have created their own classroom emotion management board together.

The program is suitable for Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd & 3rd-grade children

Maximum number of children: 25 | Duration: 1 hour | Cost: 6 euros per child (VAT included)