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Openous organisation
Building communities of psychological resilient children through innovative educational programs.

Innovative learning methodologies

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Learning Through Play
Devoted to every form of Education

Education it is a human right. We try to offer equal opportunities to everyone through our activities.

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Let's teach our children

to get up more times than they fall!

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About us

Openous NGO aims to build communities of psychological resilient children and youth through innovative educational programs.

Since November 2019 in collaboration with local communities, organizations and agencies, we help children and young people to develop those skills that will empower them psychologically and strengthen their resilience.

Our Goal

During the next 3 years our goal is to inform, empower and educate 5000 children and young people from all over Greece, on issues related to psychological resilience and its development.

Mental empowerment of individuals


«A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030».
We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals through our actions, focusing on:

Pillars of Action

What are the pillars of action on which our philosophy is based?

Educational Programs

We create innovative educational programs that aim to develop the 10 life skills: self-confidence / self-esteem, emotional intelligence, empathy, coping skills, mindfulness, communication and interpersonal relationship skills and stress management, critical and creative thinking and problem solving.

Awareness Actions

Through awareness actions, we produce and promote content related to the activities of the organization, the psychological resilience and the scientific progress of it, the education, the empowerment of children and young people, the advancements in psychological resilience.


In collaboration with specialized bodies we implement surveys relating to psychological resilience and the education on it, in order for our actions to be more effective and functional and our social impact even greater.

Policy proposals

Through the collection, analysis and the processing of data from the evaluation of our actions, we aim to develop a set of policy proposals for the adaptation of psychological resilience as a socially innovative key advantage for education

Our Projects

Our Supporters

Our Partners

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    Openous NGO aims to build communities of psychological resilient children and youth through innovative educational programs.

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