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How to make a jar of glitter

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In this article you will find tips for teaching children about attention, how to deal with their emotions and how to make a “peaceful” jar with your children.

Calm down! Be quiet! Relax!

Children are normally always lively. It’s nice to have time to help them calm down in different ways besides the voices.

What does it take to make a “serene” glitter jar?

  • A plastic bottle of about 500ml.
  • Package with various
  • Glitter
  • Food colors
  • Glycerin
  • Dish washer liquid
  • Water

How to mix our ingredients properly

  1. Prepare hot (not hot !!) water.
    You do not want the water to be boiling when you put it in the bottles because the plastic will deform. Only hot water from the tap works well.

  2. Select and add the glitter you want to the bottle.
    Put, before any material, about 1.5 ml of glitter to start. Do not put too much as it may stick low to the bottle.

  3. Add a little water and shake gently

  4. Add glycerin until the vial is 1/4 full (approximately)
    What you see is that the glycerin is about as high as the glow containers and I really liked the result.

  5. Add water until the jar is almost full
    Leave some space at the top to add more glycerin if needed.

  6. Add 2-3 drops of dishwashing liquid
    Not too much because it can make soap, but the soap helps disperse the glitter.

  7. Close the jar and turn it a few times to mix everything

  8. Shake gently to ensure consistency between materials.
    Then carefully open the bottle again and take a look.

  9. Open the lid and mix with your finger or a small stick
    Close the lid again, shake a little more
    Check how slow or fast the glitter moves inside the bottle

  10. Last filling and ready to play.
    Once you are happy with the combination of glucose and glycerin, you can add more hot water or glycerin and close the bottle forever!