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About us

Openous NGO aims to build communities of psychological resilient children and youth through innovative educational programs.

Our name derives from the English word “Open” and from the ancient Greek word “nous”, which means mind – intellect, which is a set of mental abilities that include consciousness, perception, thought, judgment and memory. The mind has the power of imagination, recognition, appreciation and is responsible for processing emotions and feelings, resulting in behaviors and actions.

At Openous we empower children, youth, and their families psychologically and emotionally and we help societies to understand and adapt psychological resilience as a socially innovative key to education.

Since November 2019 in collaboration with local communities, organizations and agencies, we help children and young people to develop those skills that will empower them psychologically and strengthen their resilience.

Our Approach

Our vision

A world of psychologically resilient people endowed with the knowledge and skills that will enable them to have a better quality of life individually and consequently as a whole.

Our mission

Building societies of psychologically resilient children by acting preventively, and therapeutically through the creation of innovative educational programs and the promotion of education.

Our values


We encourage and seek participation in all our actions through open dialogue and collaborations. Through partnerships we can achieve the real change we seek


We empower both ourselves and the communities around us. Through activities based on the everyday life of individuals and providing the necessary tools, we try to make the communities around us, to express themselves, to create and to become better than us.


We promote equality and respect for diversity in every possible way through our actions. We are against any manifestation of racist or homophobic behavior and we believe in a society of equal and free people.


We believe that respect and self-respect are emotions full of power. They are a key factor in human education, and we must both inspire and cultivate them.


Education is life itself, and as a basic human right it applies to all people and especially to children, so that they have a better quality of life in the future. At Openous education is our basic tool to achieve our goal.


Trust is the cornerstone in developing positive relationships and interactions between individuals and groups with special abilities and virtues where you can build on them. Our experience, our sense of responsibility and consistency are the three elements that build trust between our organization and the target groups of our programs as well as our partners.

Our Goal

During the next 3 years our goal is to inform, empower and educate 5000 children and young people from all over Greece, on issues related to psychological resilience and its development.

Mental empowerment of individuals


Openous NGO aims to build communities of psychological resilient children and youth through innovative educational programs.

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