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The digital theatrical-pedagogical program “Children’s Room”

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On the occasion of the days we are going through as #We Stay_Home, the Theatrologist Anna Manthati and the Educator Semina Soufra, originally from Messolonghi, implemented an original idea strictly for children’s rooms.

On the occasion of the use of distance education, the need arose for the idea called “Children’s Room” for Anna Manthati and Semina Soufra, who due to their status try to keep in touch with children.

The “Children’s Room” will keep young children company all these days with fairy tales in adaptation, oral and written activities, games adapted to the squares of a room, acoustic theatrical games, digital original illustrations and many more children’s activities.



Subscribe to the YouTube channel and learn more about the “Kids Room”.

Stay tuned and make sure you do not lose touch with the δωμάτιο children’s room!

Conception and Implementation: Manthati Anna, Theatrologist
Educational Associate: Soufra Semina, Educator