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Building communities of psychological resilient children through innovative educational programs.

Innovative learning methodologies

Learning Through Play
Devoted to every form of Education

Education it is a human right. We try to offer equal opportunities to everyone through our activities.

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About us

The name derives from the words “Open” and the Greek word “νους (nous)” in english mind or intellect which is a set of mental abilities which includes consciousness, perception, thought, judgment and memory. It has the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation, and it is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting in behaviors and actions. In “Openous” we empower people to open their minds and we help communities to understand and adapt mental education as a social innovative key asset for the education.

The main aim of Openous is building communities of psychological resilient children through innovative educational programs.

Furthermore, we work in collaboration with local communities, organizations and goverments to develop children’s empowerment/resilience through education and support all children have equal access to school.

Our Philosophy

Mental Health

Mental health issues increased significantly in children and young adults over last decade. Nowadays, more than ever, mental health has become a need for all individuals, in order to achieve a good quality of life


Education is life itself, as a basic human right that applies to all individuals and especially children for a better quality of life. Also, we believe that in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, exclusion from education will translate into growing poverty, inequality and deprivation.


Children as citizens of the future have to build up social and communication skills, moral values, knowledge and experiences, emotional and mental resilience, in order to have a different and an open minded perception of life.


Communities should be characterized by equality of rights and privileges, economic and social development, active citizens and a high level of sustainable development. Through communities, individuals develop skills and socialized in a life-long learning process.

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